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Kind Words From CLients

Alina R.
2-hour documentary session


"Being a photographer myself, I value quality, precious moments and being able to capture true emotion and personality of a child. Yuliya did an exceptional job with real life as it unfolded that day! From capturing my son’s interaction with his toys and his pup to his interactions with me. She even caught how goofy/jealous our dog is at moments.  It's incredible to see myself from the side with such love and joy towards my son/pup, something that can't - and let's be honest - will never be caught on a cellphone.


It's easy to get stuck in a routine of day to day life and forget to appreciate these precious moments while kids are young and full of wonder."

Sagar D.
half-day documentary session


"We wanted to have our memories captured as we remember them, as real people doing real things. Yuliya has a particularly powerful talent for this style.


Once the shoot began,  our nerves dissipated quickly almost entirely due to Yuliya's personality. It's hard to explain in words, but she conveys a sense of being completely non judgmental. She blended into our everyday life and captured it wonderfully."

Geoff M. + Heidi K.
half-day documentary session


"We received so many outstanding photos from our session. Many more than you’d typically get from a traditional portrait session. And best of all, the entire online gallery can be viewed like a storybook - turning the pages to see what happens next - and it captures the essence of ‘a day in the life’ of our family in a way that a posed portrait session could never do.

 When most of us look back at old photographs, we are often transported back in time to that moment the photo was taken. Yuliya's style of documenting real life captures those moments in a truly authentic fashion, so we can effortlessly relive that moment in time, and we know it was genuine."

Kelsey R.
A Year In The Life Series


"Our family will cherish these candid shots for so many years to come. It is such a joy to have a day in the life of our newborn captured in photos - I cannot wait to show him what life was like when he was little.

Yuliya is an incredibly talented, kind and sweet photographer. She made us feel at ease and captured our family’s quiet moments perfectly." 

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