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Photo walk Series | Week 1 of 52

Week One.

I went to bed on Thursday night with the idea of starting Photo Walk Fridays in order to explore more of the Highwood neighborhood (where I'm based), and on Friday at 9:07a.m. I went on my first photo walk.

I have an ongoing Brighton Beach (Brooklyn) series that I started documenting in 2015. I have a Pilsen (Chicago) series that I photographed over the span of four years. But, for some reason I've never taken interest in photographing what's right in my own backyard.

Highwood is a small but mighty neighborhood. My partner and I are constantly amazed by how much there is to do and see here. Often when we walk to a coffee shop or restaurant, I'll look around and think to myself "Ooo, this would make a cool photograph!...Oh! And this too!" But I've never thought to actually take my camera along. There's no time like the present to start something - so here we are.

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