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Small Business Photography: A Day In The life Of Sally's Nuts

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

I recently had an opportunity to work with the incredible team behind Sally's Nuts - a shop specializing in handcrafted sweet and salty nuts - to document a day in the life of their family-owned business.

First off, the nuts are out of this world, y'all - the pecans are probably my favorite (and if you're local you need to pay 'em a visit). But their story is even more mind-blowing.

For over a decade, Sally, the mastermind behind the delicious nut recipes, has been making and gifting her specialty nuts to family and friends for the holidays. In 2017, after years of deliberating on whether to turn it into a business, Sally launched Sally's Nuts at the age of 83, which she runs with her daughter, Kari.

Though you can find their products in several area grocery stores/markets, in 2020 they hit yet another remarkable milestone for their business and opened the Sally's Nuts Snack Shop, located in the heart of Highland Park's Ravinia district. Visitors can get delicious grab-n-go lunch items, pick up some of those famous nuts, and marvel at (and purchase) stunning works of art displayed all around the shop, painted by Sally herself.

You can read more about their story here.

This documentary personal branding series was photographed at the shop over several hours with a fully un-staged/un-orchestrated approach.


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